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Health for you and Your Baby!

With chiropractic care, many women are able to experience less discomfort during pregnancy and labor, and may have shorter deliveries with less need for invasive interventions

What Chiropractic Can Do

Chiropractic care focuses on restoring the spine to a healthier state.  This allows not only for improved motion at the joints, but more importantly for improved activity of the nerves that pass through and around those joints.  Proper nerve function is key to reduced pain and fewer complications in pregnancy.

We specialize in the Activator technique, which is a highly effective and gentle way to adjust a pregnant woman and their children.

A great resource for expectant mothers and those curious about chiropractic during pregnancy and for children can be found at


This site contains research supporting pediatric and prenatal chiropractic care.

The Webster Technique

Perhaps the most well-known role for chiropractic in the birthing community is the Webster Technique, which is designed to provide more room in the mom’s pelvis.  By applying gentle adjustments to the sacrum and soft pressure to the round ligaments, tight muscles that affect the uterus can relax.  This provides the optimum environment for your baby, allowing for an increased opportunity to deliver naturally.

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We love kids! We especially love introducing them and their parents to the benefits of Chiropractic.A day in the life of a child should include running, jumping, and a few tumbles. These activities, which are critical to the development of a healthy body, take their toll on your child’s spine. Chiropractic adjustments help ensure the growth of a healthy child by correcting the misalignments caused by daily activity. A properly aligned spine also maximizes the strength of your child’s immune system better defending them from colds and other sickness. Childhood development significantly impacts our health as adults, so make sure that your child’s spine receives the care it deserves.