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We love kids! We especially love introducing them and their parents to the benefits of Chiropractic.A day in the life of a child should include running, jumping, and a few tumbles. These activities, which are critical to the development of a healthy body, take their toll on your child’s spine. Chiropractic adjustments help ensure the growth of a healthy child by correcting the misalignments caused by daily activity. A properly aligned spine also maximizes the strength of your child’s immune system better defending them from colds and other sickness. Childhood development significantly impacts our health as adults, so make sure that your child’s spine receives the care it deserves.

Types of Child Care

  • Child Care Centers
  • Child Care Homes
  • Child Care in Your Own Home
  • Before and After School Care
  • Vacation and Summer Programs
  • Sick Child/Back-Up/Emergency Care